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Aug 26, 2022
In Parenting Forum
Back in the day, it was considered normal to be physically reprimanded when you did something that was considered wrong. Who your parents were, and how egregious the act was that you committed determined what was used. Whether it was a hand, a belt, a switch, a wire, a shoe, a hanger.... you get my drift. Now in 2022 many parents, have decided against using physical measures to reprimand their children. Some believe the punishment itself leave a longer lasting effect on the child then the original act they committed. Believing that communicating with the child and using other restorative practices lend quicker to changed behavior. While other parents feel when you spare the rod you definitely spoil the child. Please use the comment space below to share your thoughts, any pros or cons, or experiences related to the topic and feel free to comment on others responses. Additional questions to consider: What are the pros or cons to hitting/beating your children? How were you reprimanded as a child and affects (good or bad) did it have? Does beating/hitting your child change behavior? Does beating/hitting your child cause your child to make better decisions because they have learned or out of fear? What would you do the same (or different) when it comes to reprimanding your children from what your parents did? PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS VIEWS. WHILE THIS IS PLACE TO SHARE... REMEMBER WE DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE.😁


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